Winter is eventually coming, are your tires ready?

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Until moments ago, it’s been dry as a bone. Winter is now here and we’re in the midst of our first snow day. Whether it’s dry, rainy or we have six inches of snow on the ground… tires are one of the most important safety features of our car. It’s essential that we keep them properly inflated, rotate them regularly and change them out when they get worn. Even though tires are so essential, it never fails that I get bitter every single time I need to purchase new tires. Tires don’t give that same warm and fuzzy feeling like when you buy yourself a new pair of shoes, or some cool tech….but they are so important. In our area we have several places to purchase new tires, and I’ll outline some of the vendors we have in or near Erie, Colorado.

Les Schwab Tires

Les Schwab Tires

Closest location 2925 Mountain View Blvd, Erie

This company popped into our neighborhood recently and they really won me over with the million ways they helped me out. As a realtor, I am constantly driving into new construction neighborhoods, picking up nails/screws and getting flats. Long before I was a paying customer they removed screws two separate times, and sent me on my way in under 30 minutes at no charge. They also changed out my husband’s seasonal tires completely for FREE, which is way above and beyond our expectations since we were still not a customer, yet. The tire warranty includes regular rotations, rebalancing, air checks, and free brake checks. But really, because they did so much for me before I was a true customer, when I needed tires, guess where I went? Yes, Les Schwab. Now that I am a customer I am also using them for their other services. Having them right in the neighborhood doesn’t hurt either.



Closest Location 16375 N Washington Street, Thornton

Costco is simply known for deals, and how easy would it be to make an appointment for new tires, while you shop? Depending on what kind of Costco membership you have, there is also the potential for a cash back feature. In addition, they offer a pretty cool warranty, which is a 5 year road hazard warranty presuming you properly care for the tires. That warranty is spelled out in the link below.

Costco Road Hazard Warranty

Discount Tire

Discount Tire

Closest Locations 16385 Washington Street, Thornton or 740 Highway 287 North, Lafayette

Discount tire always seems to have some sort of promotion going on. Now they don’t offer the same types of warranties above and beyond manufacturer warranties, but they do offer a certificate program which can cover the repair, refund or replacement of a tire for a fee. “If a tire covered by this Certificate for Repair, Refund or Replacement fails due to a defect or a non repairable road hazard, and still has legal tread (3/32″) remaining across the tire, and it has been in use less than 3 years from date of purchase, Discount Tire will give a refund of the full purchase price, together with the applicable sales tax and give you the option to purchase the same new or comparable tire at the refund price, with the payment of any applicable sales tax.” See the link below for more details.

Discount Tire Certificate Program

This feels like a program that is well worth it’s money.

Big O Tires

Big O Tires

Closest location 1301 E South Boulder Road, Louisville

Big O also has regular deals on rotation. ( See what I did there?) Not only do they have tires…but they offer some “Stay-in-Car” services, like checking your air pressure, battery check and even installation, fluid top off and wiper blade replacement. Perfect during this COVID era we have yet to fully escape.

BK Tire, Inc.

BK Tires

Location 3775 Puritan Way, Frederick

If you’re looking for a non-chain/ non- franchise, there is a small tire shop in Frederick, where they carry all sorts of new and USED and new tires. It’s super frustrating when one tire blows and the other tires are in great shape, but you need to replace them all because of the way your car functions. I had a Subaru for a decade, and during that time I blew a tire and I was able to find a used tire with the same tread wear, which allowed me to get the maximum use out of the rest of the tires. I loved that.

If you have any companies I might have overlooked, let me know.

Whitney Barnett
Whitney Barnett

Whitney is an Erie resident with boys in three local schools.
She is a Realtor and regular contributor to Erie News and Views.
In her “free time,” she volunteers on the PTO, skis as often as she is able, and has redesigned her dream kitchen a dozen times in her mind.

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