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The summer care search starts early and camps fill up fast.

I know it feels like you have to be at the ready when summer camps open. It’s a very stressful time for working parents, and even stay at home parents. We all want our kids to be active, happy, and well cared for over the summer.

When you choose summer care there are a few different ways to tackle it. You can alternate care days with other parents. You can hire summer nanny for your family or or a nanny share. Then we have camps. Summer Camp is a competitive thing. Some fill up in minutes…and they vary greatly in cost and schedule.


This can be an ultra convenient way to go. Nannies come to you and often are willing to work with flexible schedules. Nanny candidates coming back from college are able to work full time during the summer and if you’re lucky to find someone you love, it’s possible for a family to have 4-5 summers covered by the same person. This is great for the sitter/nanny also if they know that any time they are home they can just pick up work with kiddos they develop strong relationships with. To this end, we created a Facebook group for sourcing care. When I moved to Erie, I realized that there was no good place to find a sitter. I created this group at 11:59pm after unsuccessfully trying to find a local sitter. This group gained hundreds of members in the first week, and we’re approaching 2K in membership at this time. When it became clear that we had an imbalance of families in need, to caregiver availability so we opened up to surrounding areas like Boulder, Firestone, Frederick, Longmont, Broomfield etc. So…share a summer nanny with a neighbor if you can only commit to part time, or get a small group of littles together in a home for daily care. Lots of options when you go the nanny route. Link to our Facebook group below.



Most of us are familiar with how hard it is to find camp options. They usually fill up fast. Please see the link below for our summer camp spread sheet. If you have options you think would be helpful that are not on the sheet, please reach out and we’ll verify info and add them if applicable.


Seems so far away, but we hope these resources help you get your summer organized.

Whitney Barnett
Whitney Barnett

Whitney Barnett is a Mom and Realtor in Erie. Providing value to her friends and clients is the primary goal in her professional life. She created both the Sitters and Nannies of NoCo Facebook Group as well as the Erie News and Views website and Instagram page. She has three kiddos in the SVVSD school system, is an active PTO board member, and enjoys meeting new Erie friends regularly.

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