Est. 2019

This is a site dedicated to the community we live in, promoting local business and sharing fun events here in Erie, and statewide.

There was a moment, after attending a wedding at Colorado National, that the sun set over the mountains, and our two oldest sons were running around freely, that my husband and I decided we were moving to Erie. It took us a year to do it, but we’ve never looked back.

My name is Whitney Barnett. I am a Realtor living here in Erie. When we moved here, I immediately noticed there really was no good place to source child care, so I created a page for parents and caregivers to connect on Facebook. Check it out if you haven’t and request to join. Care for kids, seniors, pets all applicable on this page.

Sitters and Nannies of NoCo

This is a family focused town, and being of service to others in this way really lights my fire. The instant and continued growth of the sitters page, encouraged me to start a platform where we can feature and share local happenings among members in the community and beyond. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook @erienewsandviews I can’t promise we will be all hard hitting information, I am sort of a goof at heart….but I hope it can be useful.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you and connecting you all to each other.


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